How to shorten a link

How to shorten a link

Long and unwieldy URLs are common. The average web address is too long to type by hand, and URLs look terrible when written out completely. You’ll use up the majority of your character limit if you try to include a URL in a Twitter post.

That’s why URL shorteners are so popular; they allow you to take a long and inconvenient URL and turn it into a short and sweet web address with only a few clicks.

Instead, here’s how to use two of the most popular web shorteners today to shorten a URL.

There are two websites that can help you achieve this:

Here’s how to make a URL shorter.

1. Take the URL you want to shorten and copy it.
2. Launch in your browser.
3. Paste the URL into the “Shorten your link” area and press the “Shorten” button.
4. To copy the new URL, click “Copy.”

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