Capricorn Strength and Weakness

Capricorn Strength and Weakness

If you were born between December 21 and January 19, you are a Capricorn, which means you are a natural leader who is responsible and trustworthy.

However, a Capricorn’s successful veneer hides the potential for them to be an overly serious and failure-phobic workaholic, so get out of their way if they’ve set their mind on something!

Capricorn zodiac signs have a lot of endearing features that make them stand out from the rest but understanding their major flaws might help us get a better understanding of their nuances.

Capricorns, as the zodiac’s cardinal earth sign, thrive at laying out strategies, achieving goals, and securing the bag. At the same time, these characteristics might be detrimental.

Capricorn Strength and Weakness

1. They Get Stuck In Their Ways
2. They’re Always Working
3. They Worry About Their Reputation
4. They’re Rarely Satisfied
5. They Can Be Authoritarians
6. They’re Terrified Of Failure
7. They Come Off As Condescending
8. They’re A Little Greedy
9. They Can Be Debbie Downers
10. They Make Everything A Transaction

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