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Data Processing Neco Answers 2022

Data Processing Neco Answers 2022 (4ai) Graphic packages are programs that allow you to create graphic pictures, logos, letter headed papers, brochures, calendars, etc. OR Graphic Package is a collection of programs that allows for easy creation, selection and deliberate manipulation of text and images using distinctive styles on a computer for the purpose of …

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Computer Neco Answers 2022

Computer Neco Answers 2022 5a) • A light pen is a light-sensitive computer input device, basically a stylus, that is used to select text, draw pictures and interact with user interface elements on a computer screen or monitor. • A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an optical scanner that can read printed barcodes, decode …

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Geography Neco Answers 2022

Geography Neco Answers 2022 *SECTION A* (1a) A conurbation is a region comprising several metropolises, cities, large towns, and other urban areas that, through population growth and physical expansion, have merged to form one continuous urban or industrially developed area (1b) (i) Shortage of residential housing: Conurbation allows the movement of people from the rural …

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Economics Neco Answers 2022

Economics Neco Answers 2022 3) a. Wants is something that is desired. It is said that every person has unlimited wants, but limited resources. b. Scarcity is the demand for a good or service is greater than the availability of the good or service. c. Choice refers to the ability of a consumer or producer to …

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Animal Husbandry Neco Answers 2022

Animal Husbandry Neco Answers 2022 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Obj 1-10:DDECBBAEEE 11-20:BDAAADDCDC 21-30:AACCBEEDEA 31-40:DDABCADDED (2a) (i) Wether—–> Sheep/goat (ii) Barrow—> Boar (iii) Capon—–> Chicken/fowl (iv) Steer—–> Cattle (2b) {CHOOSE ANY THREE} (i) sheep with poor leg structure (ii) Sheep with poor body condition (iii) Sheep that did not respond to treatment (iv) Ewe that has depreciated in …

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Marketing Neco Answers 2022

Marketing Neco Answers 2022 (6) (i) Intensive Distribution: In intensive distribution, the product is sold to as many appropriate retailers or wholesalers as possible. Intensive distribution is appropriate for products such as chewing gum, candy bars, soft drinks, bread, film, and cigarettes where the primary factor influencing the purchase decision is convenience. (ii) Selective Distribution: …

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Animal Husbandry Neco Answers 2022

Animal Husbandry Neco Answers(Practical) 2022 (1a) (i) Rabbit (ii) Goat (1b) (i) Simple stomach (ii) Mammal (1c) [Pick any three] (i) digestive system (ii) circulatory system (iii) Urogenital system (iv) Nervous system (v) respiratory system (1d) [Pick any two] (i) Meat (ii) Wool (fur) (iii) Pelt/skin (1e) [Pick any three] (i) Festive period (ii) inadequate …

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