Catering and Craft Waec Answer 2022

Catering and Craft Waec Answer 2022

Here all answers for catering and Craft Waec 2022 will be posted.


– Antiseptic Wipes

– Bandages


A first aider is someone who is qualified to give first aid treatment in the event of an injury or illness


– Hose pipe

– Flamezorb

– Fire extinguisher

-Fire Sprinklers


Check-in is the process whereby people announce their arrival at an office, hotel, airport, hospital, seaport or event.


A reservation is therefore is a bilateral contract between a hotel and a guest, according to which the hotel must provide the specified room type to the guest and the guest must agree to pay all relevant charges.


Forecasting is a tool to help owners anticipate future business performance based on a range of factors.


A Guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation.


[Pick any two]

(i) Small Birds

(ii) Game proper

(iii) Big game


(i) Small Bird – Quail

(ii) Game proper – Goose


(i) American

(ii) Mediterranean

(iii) English

(iv) Asiatic







(iv)Frying pan

(v)Tin cutter



(viii)Cube making machine


(i)Bread knife: Bread knife is used for slicing foods eg bread,cakes,tomatoes,soft meant etc

(ii)Palette knife – it is used for lifting, turning, scrapping and spreading.

(iii)Butcher knife: Butcher knife is an heavy knife used by butchers for hacking through bones. It gets close to the meat and cuts it away

(iv)Filleting knife: it is used for filleting fish . The knife should be flexible and move easily between the flash and bone of the fish

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