Dyeing and Bleaching Waec Answers 2022

Dyeing and Bleaching Waec Answers 2022

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Fabric printing It is the creation of patterns on fabric with dyes, pigments or other coloured substances with the use of hand or machine.


[Pick any three]

(i) Block

(ii) Roller

(iii) Screen

(iv) Heat transfer printing


(i) Introduction: Creating, Cutting and Printing Your Own Woodblock. …

(ii) Getting Hold of the Basic Tools.

(iii) Draw Your Image and Copy It Onto Your Block.

(iv) Cut Your Block.

(v) Ink and Print With Your Block.

(vi) Fix, Re-cut and Re-ink


Storage in dyeing process means the techniques that take care of the materials by maintaining its original state and preserving it for the future


[Pick any three]

(i) Keep in air tight container

(ii) Keep in dry place

(iii) Label properly for identification

(iv) Keep away from sunlight

(v) Keep out of reach of children


[Pick any three]

(i) it prevents accident/ Hazzard

(ii) it saves time

(iii) it helps in budgeting

(iv) it prevents breakdown of Chemicals and dyes

(v) For easy identification

(vi) it prevent wastage of chemical and dyes




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