Link Shortening is a very good way to earn money online but very few people know about it, or should I Say heard about it. There are a couple of great link shorteners out there and this article is here to explain ‘What Link Shortening Is’, ‘How to get Started with link Shortening’ and ‘Best Link Shortener’.

Best URL Shortener

If you’re a download-optimistic person i.e. you download scripts, games, zips etc it’s 30% possible that you’ve come across a link shortener. Am talking about the Monetized Link Shorteners, like EarnCash. They normally start with a page prompting you to click a captcha to continue..

What Is Link Shortening?

Link Shortening is self explanatory more like Shorten a Link. There are two types of Link Shorteners – The Free Ones and the Monetized ones – Eaxamples of free ones include:, and co while examples of the Monetizes ones include: EarnCash, ShrinkEarn, etc.

The Monetized types are the ones referenced in this article. Monetized Link Shorteners can earn you a great deal of income when you use them right.

How to Get Started with Monetized Link Shorteners

As I said in the beginning of the Article, there are a lot of great Link Shorteners that pay you for using their platform but I’ll recommend the best to you. Which is the best URL Shortener? EarnCash is the best Monetized Link Shortener so far, the best part of it is that they reward you more for Nigerian Traffic. Check out Their Publisher Rates Page.

  1. EarnCash allows you to shorten link from any website, lets say you want to make money with your Facebook Post all you have to do is:
  2. Head on to EarnCash and Signup
  3. Confirm your Account via Email and then Login.
  4. Copy your Facebook Post or profile link, then paste it in the Box Panel, and click on Shorten.
  5. Copy your Shortened Link which is usually in the format of ‘ and then post on forum sites, social media and other places that you can get Traffic from. You can also encourage your friends to Visit your link.
  6. In Addition, Earn Cash offers huge referral bonus, for every account you refer – you’re going to be earning 30% of whatever the person’s profit. Let’s say Mr A signs up using your referral link – he ends up registered under you, If he earns $90 you’ll automatically be credited with 30% which is $27.

Just Incase you have a website or you have a writing Job, you can use the referral banners in the EarnCash Dashboard, those banners are automatically integrated with your referral link so if anyone signs up by clicking on those banners, they’ll be signed under you.

Rounding Up

I hope the Article was very informative, if you signed up for EarnCash Ad Network comment below, so that I’ll know if I’ll release the Cheat Sheet for Maximizing your Earnings.

Next Article is Going to Be on ‘How to Make $10 on EarnCash Platform’.

What is EarnCash by Delphnews Media?

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