ModCats Club NFT Mint

ModCats Club NFT Mint

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Join this server asap

Giveaways of top projects will be done soon

Keep an eye on the giveaway channel

Also be active in the chats

*Details of the project coming soon*

*Gen 1 already did 15x of mint price and it’s available on Magic Eden, Opensea, Coral cube, hyperspace*

*Gen 2 upcoming, freemint*

It has:

*Engage 2 earn*

*Raffle with its native token*


*Rev Share*

*They already did a raffle for SoDead NFT*

You can get OG for the Gen_2 freemint by holding 2x Gen 1 NFT

Also, will be doing wl giveaway for these projects below and more soon

And many more to come

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