Oyo State Technical University Ibadan School Fees 2022/2023 Academic Session

Oyo State Technical University Ibadan School Fees 2022/2023 Academic Session

The amount of School/Tuition Fees payable by all undergraduate students at the Technical University of Ibadan in Oyo State for the 2022/2023 academic session has been revealed.

The following is an explanation and illustration of the school fee schedule:

Admission Service Charges    
Acceptance Fee N 50,000.00 Once
Result Verification N 10,000.00 Once
Caution Fee N 25,000.00 Once
Medical Test N 15,000.00 Once
Student Handbook/Prospectus N 2,000.00 Once
Matriculation Fees/Gown Rent N 10,000.00 Once
Branded University Items(T-Shirt, Tie/Scarf, School Pin, Lab-Coat) N 37,000.00 Once
TOTAL N 149,000.00 Once

(Please note that all newly admitted students are required to pay a one-time service charge of N 149,000 before proceeding to pay school fees as outlined below.)


Tuition N 400,000.00
Development Levy N 40,000.00
Medical Health Insurance N 20,000.00
Course Registration N 10,000.00
Examination Fee N 20,000.00
ICT (E-mail, Internet access, E-Portal) N 40,000.00
ID Card N 2,000.00
Library N 30,000.00
Laboratory Practical N 50,000.00
Workshop/Studio Practice N 30,000.00
Excursion/Field Trip N 10,000.00
Sports Development Levy N 20,000.00
Entrepreneurship & Language Studies N 50,000.00
SUB – TOTAL 2 N 722,000.00
Municipal Services Charges  
Accommodation & Municipal Services N 200,000.00
Bus Service N 20,000.00
Parent Forum N 5,000.00
Association Due N 2,500.00
SUB – TOTAL 3 N 227,500.00
Paytech Charges N 50,000.00
GRAND TOTAL N 999,500.00

NB: All payments must be made through the student portal online.

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