Testnet Guide For CESS 

Testnet Guide For CESS

Add BSC Testnet to Metamask

Network name: Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Added RPC URL:

Chain ID: 97

Symbol (optional): BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Add token CA:

Token contract address:0x726370eCA31d3E8816AA39DcCe6CeCc1dF067517

Token symbol: tCESS

Decimal precision: 18

Go to

Connect your wallet to BSC testnet, connect your wallet, and upload any data file on your device.

Go to Binance faucet and CESS faucet to get tBNB and tCESS. Binance faucet:

Enter wallet address to get 1 tBNB for gas fee.

CESS faucet:

Enter wallet address to get tCESS

Follow this guide to continue from here:

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