Waec Animal Husbandry Answers 2022

Waec Animal Husbandry Answers 2022

(1i)A site with good topography. …

The Available Space on the site. …

Intensive Snail Housing System. …

Extensive Snail Housing System. …

1iii)thrushes, hedgehogs and Pareas snakes.

(1b)sheep keds (ticks), lice,



(1) Increases population of desirable breed.

(2) Genetic diversity of animals is increased.

(3) Introduced breed can bring about rapid improvement of local breed.

(4) Breeds better than the local breeds are obtained/high productivity.

_(Pick any 3)_


(1) New diseases could be introduced.

(2) New pests/parasites could be introduced.

(3) New animal may be susceptible to local.

(4) Could lead to loss of indigenous breed.

(5) Hidden undesirable trait may manifest.

(6) Animal may not perform optimally if it does not adapt to the new environment

_(Pick any 3)_


(i) Increases population of desirable breed

(ii) Genetic diversity of animals is increased

(iii) Introduced breed can bring about rapid improvement of local breed


(i) It can lead to loss of species variety.

(ii)It does not have control over genetic mutations.

(iii)It brings about discomfort to animals.


(i) Linebreeding

(ii) Outcrossing

(iii) Inbreeding

(iv) Self-pollination



(i)crop plants with better yields.

(ii)ornamental plants with particular flower shapes and colours.

(iii)farm animals that produce more, better quality meat or wool.

(iv)dogs with particular physiques and temperaments, suited to do jobs like herd sheep or collect pheasants.


(i) It has a short beak.

(ii) It has a bright and bulging eyes.

(iii) It has bright red comb and wattles.

(iv) It has a broad flexible pelvic bones.

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(v) It must have a Short clutch.

(vi) There is absence of broodiness.

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