Waec Fishery Answers 2022

Waec Fishery Answers 2022


A feeding regime is a plan that specifies a diet, amount and schedule of nutritional intake.


– By hand

– By automatic feeders

– By demand feeders


– It is possible to adjust the feed requirements of the fish.

– You don’t have to be present to feed your fish.

– The level of the feed in the container is a good indication of the condition of the fish.


Monoculture is the cultivation or growth of a single crop or organism especially on agricultural or forest land


Polyculture is the practice of growing more than one crop species in the same space, at the same time.


Integrated fish farming systems refer to the production, integrated management and comprehensive use of aquaculture, agriculture and livestock, with an emphasis on aquaculture.

6bi. Capture Fisheries is the Harvesting is the process of gathering and removing fish from the place in which it has grown, and refers therefore to fishing and catching wild fish and shellfish.

6aii. Culture fisheries is the cultivation of selected fishes in confined areas with utmost care to get maximum yield. The seed is stocked, nursed and reared in confined waters, then the crop is harvested.

(4a). Stocking rate of a fish pond is the process of introducing

selected, culturable, compatible, and fast-growing fish seed

into ponds for growing


(i) Total removal of the polluted water.

(ii) Cleaning of the pond

(iii) Growing of water plants

(iv) Control algae growth.

(v) Repair of leaks.


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It shows that there is deficiency of oxygen and pollution of the

water body due to algae bloom


(i) Increase in nutrient in the body of the water

(ii) Algae outgrowth

(iii) Oxygen deficiency

(iv) Low light penetration


(i) It may lead to death

(ii) It may lead to congenital disease of the Clarias spp

(iii) It leads restlessness of the fish due to oxygen deficiency

(iv) It can cause loss of weight


(i)Hatcheries can provide food sources to carnivorous fish,

enabling their continued supply.

(ii)Hatcheries allow for the replenishment of fish in sea


(iii)The process of running fish hatcheries is very labor-


(iv) Hatcheries protect aquatic species from disappearing

from ecosystems.

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